Ola Möller

Researcher & Designer.
Founder of MethodKit


3 things that my projects got in common.
  • Low threshold. Accessible, inclusive, using a straight-forward language & allow for participation.
  • High depth. Allow for exploration, reflection & philosophical perspectives, but it’s not required or should demand it.
  • Multiple perspectives. Not one (1) truth, but presenting many diverse perspectives & examples.

Current projects

MethodKit 2012- (www)

MethodKits are physical tools for collaboration. The cards are meant for creative workshops and effective meetings. A growing family of 25 tools for different areas and disciplines. A project I founded, that grew into what I’m running today.

My current role at MethodKit

I research how people discuss and talk about their disciplines. I developed a methodology on how to summarize the important and different perspectives being used when working. We design and plain language to transform that overview into usable visual tools. The tools act as an interface in discussions or help people gain an overview.

MethodKit.org 2017- (www)

A newly founded organisation that develops tools for the greater good.

Past projects

unMonastery, 2012- (www)

Was a part of initiating unMonastery along with doing the design of the BIOS to help people to start new unMonasteries.

Planetary Scale Design, 2015 (www)

Planetary Scale_ was a series of workshops facilitated by me, Sarah Gold (IF), Carina Namih and Ben Vickers (Serpentine Galleries). These workshops was hosted around the world to explore, anticipate and debate what planetary scale systems mean for our future.

Project of How, 2011-12 (www)

A bank and search function for creativity methods. Funded by City of Stockholm and Swedish Ministry of Culture along with EU. Co-founded the project together with four other Hyper Island graduates.

Georgia Stories, 2010 (www)

Co-editor. Citizen journalism (crowdsourcing) project where 35 young Georgian photographers tell stories about their everyday lifes with photo and text. A selection was exhibited in Tbilisi, November 2010 at the Rustavi Theatre. Also exhibited at Stallet in Stockholm, Sweden. (Made partly with support from Swedish Institute)

We created the project as a spin-off of Photo book about Sweden but applying it to a new country.

This Must Be The Place, 2009-10 (www)

Co-editor of book about Contemporary Art with 43 swedish artists. The book release & exhibition was held at an anonymous adress in Stockholm but attracting 900 people. [crowdsourcing] [arts]

The Photo Book About Sweden 2007-09 (www)

Founder & editor of the citizen photojournalism project which resulted in a book and exhibitions where 44 young photographer depicted Sweden. Translated to 7 languages. Exhibited in Stockholm, St Petersburg, Moscow, Tbilisi, Buenos Aires & Montevideo. Awarded Best Practice 2009 by EU.

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